Novi Affiliates

Novi Affiliates is the official casino affiliate program of Novibet Casino, a Microgaming casino brand that also features several types of sports betting. The program markets to players around the world except those residing in the US, France, and Turkey. Novi Affiliates was created in 2010 and is regulated under the jurisdiction of the Isle of Man.

Commission details

All partners of Novi Affiliates are compensated through a revenue sharing scheme. Affiliates simply place trackers on their websites and get paid a percentage of the net revenue earned from referred players. The definition of net revenue varies across Novi Affiliates’ products, but in general it is gross gaming earnings minus taxes, fees, chargebacks, and operating costs.

Novi Affiliates uses a tiered commission model to reward high-performing affiliates. Those whose players bring in large amounts of net revenue within a particular month are entitled to a greater portion of that revenue.

There is no bundling since Novi Affiliates only promotes one brand.

Unfortunately, Novi Affiliates carries negative balances forward. This means that losing months can have a significant impact on future earning potential.

No alternative commission plans, such as CPA or CPM, are available at this time.


Novi Affiliates does not have any sort of referral scheme in place. As such, affiliates cannot earn sub-commissions by bringing others to the program.

Payment details

Partners of Novi Affiliates are eligible for one payment a month, which will usually be calculated at the end of the month and paid until the 30th of the following month. The only payment method offered is bank wire transfer. Although wire transfers are accepted virtually anywhere, they are generally more expensive than e-wallets and other payment solutions.

Affiliates must accrue at least €100 before they are eligible for a payment, which is a fairly low threshold. Those who do not reach this level will have their earnings carried forward; however, any total balance of €3 or less will be zeroed out at the start of the following month.

Payments are sent in euros only. Affiliates who use a different currency should check with their bank to see what foreign exchange costs will be charged, if any.


Novi Affiliates uses the NetRefer platform for all affiliate business. This widely used software enables affiliates to get an accurate picture of their activity in real-time with various reporting and tracking tools. The platform also makes monitoring and receiving commissions simple with no manual invoicing needed.


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